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Service Plans

Phd Plumbing and Heating Offers 2 Service Plans:

Don’t wait until it’s too late and you have lost revenue, inconvenient customer delays and high priced emergency fees! Phd Plumbing provides service and maintenance plans that insure you have the situation under control, before it becomes a problem!

Air Handling Unit Maintenance

  1. The cleanliness and performance of the ventilation system (including the air handling unit or extraction fan) can be compromised if debris is allowed to build up on coils in chambers and on fan blades.
  2. Condensation is also frequently present within an air-handling unit, which provides heated or chilled air. Moisture can cause corrosion to drip trays and floors. These can be economically repaired and coated to provide a cost effective alternative to replacing the entire unit. A filter change is a further service that can be provided. We have access to a wide range of filter suppliers who can provide bag and panel filters in all sizes and specifications from EU1 to HEPA. Panel locks and seals can also deteriorate over time and again we are able to source a wide variety of components to prevent leakage from loose panels.
  3. The replacement of drive belts and pullies is sometimes needed to maintain performance or alter airflow and we have the engineering ability to conduct such work. Another frequent customer request is the replacement of automatic roll on filter mechanisms within air handling units. The strip out of the old mechanism and fitting of a frame to accommodate a superior filter media again provides an economic solution to the cleanliness of air entering a system. Irrespective of age or make the spares and expertise are available to ensure that you get the most from your air handling unit plant.

Put our team to work for you

Our team of experienced surveyors have an in depth knowledge of the operational and maintenance requirements of all types of air handling unit. A detailed examination of the unit will be undertaken so that a quotation covering all the required elements i.e. coil cleaning, filter replacement and drive belts can be prepared. All examinations of this nature are free of charge.

Restaurant Service Package

This package includes everything you need to stay on top of the day to day usage maintenance and repairs: All maintenance supplies are included if replacements are required.

  1. Filter
  2. Fan belt
  3. Grease all points
  4. Inspection of bearings and shaft
  5. Oil motor bearings
  6. Heat Exchanger

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