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For Heating Services – Experience, Education and Excellence Matter

Proud technicians stand by their work, and great companies employ proud, well-trained
tradesmen. That’s why PHD Plumbing and Heating employs servicemen that are certified and experienced, and
it’s why all PHD employees are constantly enrolled in training programs to increase their
knowledge and skill.

Specializing in services ranging from basic home repairs and renovations to and
radiant-floor-heating installation, PHD Plumbing and Heating has built a reputation as the most
reliable, professional, and experienced heating and plumbing company working
Every client, whether a homeowner, general contractor, firm, can rely on PHD the most
knowledgeable service of the highest quality when it comes to repairs and renovations,
consulting, design, and product installation.

Our work is founded in the idea that quality is the heart of PHD Plumbing and Heating.

Repairs are performed with your safety concerns in mind and no shortcuts are allowed. We insure that your heating equipment runs efficiently an safely with original or approved replacement parts for the past performance and longevity.

We are happy to work directly for our clients or with the architects and engineers of
their choosing.

Heating Services

Boilers and High Efficiency Boilers – Repaired/Replaced Oil to Gas Conversions
Radiant Heat Installation
Hot Water Heater Repair/Replacement
Maintenance of Hot Water and Steam Boilers

Gas Fireplace,Gas Conversions, , Steam Boilers and Replacement, Toilet Replacement, Garbage
Gas Lines, Gas Barbeque, Slow Drains, Baseboard Heat, Radiators, Appliances

Tankless Hot Water Boilersater Heater, Energy Efficient Hot Water Heater, Heating Radiators and Baseboard Repair/Replacement,Hot Water Heaters